Plagiarism Detector With Percentage For Perfect Writing

The Library of Congress’s Center for the Book, in collaboration with affiliated state centers for the book all across the nation, presents LAL, a program to promote reading. Students in classes 4 through 10 are invited to participate in LAL’s yearly writing contest.

To enter the program, students submit a private letter to a novelist, living or deceased, from any genre, including nonfiction, fiction, or poetry, modern or classic, elaborating how that author’s writing altered their perspective on the world or about their personal life.

As we all know, writing might be not as easy as it seems. We recommend young writers use applications and programs to ensure top-quality work, grammar tools to avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, plagiarism detector for creating unique content. These tools help the students to create top-quality assignments, papers, theses, etc., and they can be helpful while submitting works to writing competitions.

There are three tiers of competition:

  • Level I ( grades 4 -6 students)
  • Level II (grade 7-8 students)
  • Level III (grade 9-10 students)

Cash prizes are given to state champions each year in March. National winners are given additional prizes, announced in late April. LAL emphasizes reflective writing and interactive copy.

What is Reflective Writing?

The majority of writing is called creative writing, in which you describe an event or invent a story. However, reflective writing offers the writer new perspectives and may inspire additional study. It’s like going back in time to a previous event in your life and reflecting on how it affected you, what you might have done to alter the overall scenario, or what resulted from the occurrence.

Check plagiarism while writing a reflection because duplicate content will detract from your writing abilities and leave readers with a bad impression.

Importance of Plagiarism Detector for Students

Not all instances of plagiarism are the result of willful attempts to cheat. For example, sometimes, when scribbling notes, students may forget to note citation information or be unaware of reference practices. These reasons, however, do not guarantee students’ safety from academic consequences they may face because of plagiarism.

Thankfully, students can use an online plagiarism checker to identify and gauge the originality of their material.

5 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

Here are the top 5 considerations to prevent plagiarism in literature:

  • Focus on Research 

Quality research requires time. If you procrastinate, you are more likely to run out of time or experience undue pressure to finish. This kind of pressure frequently results in careless research practices and poor judgment. Instead, organize your research well before the end time.

  • Master Citation 

When referencing a thought or phrase that is not yours, include a citation in your literature that specifies the author’s complete name, the publication date, and other citation information mandated by the style guide you are using, such as a parenthetical numeric, note, and more. 

  • Add Quotation Marks

One of the simplest yet most obvious strategies to prevent plagiarism when using someone else’s words verbatim in your writing is quotation marks to indicate that the words aren’t yours. You can also add the person’s name, website, or other sources. 

  • Paraphrase / Rewrite

The act of putting a source’s thoughts or facts into your wording without altering its meaning to avoid similarity is known as paraphrasing. However, if done improperly, paraphrasing might turn into plagiarism.

It takes a little practice to paraphrase without using someone else’s words. Avoid adding too many phrases or words that are too similar to those in the source, and rephrase and organize your writing uniquely. The trick is not to change the idea’s original meaning. A source citation is required because you still utilize someone else’s ideas.

  • Present a Unique Concept

Consider what you have to express about a concept rather than simply repeating what the source defines. Remember that you must follow the above rules to prevent plagiarism, even if you only use the concepts or language of a source to support your argument.

Some words or phrases you come across while researching a subject matter, some words or phrases may stick to your mind so strongly that you unintentionally use them in your content without citing them. If in doubt, use plagiarism detector to find these problems before publishing or presenting your paper.

It is important that after using the above tips, you must proof/edit your paper to refine it. Finally, even after deploying these tips and carefully crafting your paper, it is important to check your writing with a plagiarism detector with percentage to identify what needs to be changed and updated in your content. 


A plagiarism tool searches for similarities between your content and other texts. Universities employ them to evaluate student assignments to check if they have conducted their own research, created content, understood the underlying concept of any assignment, or simply copy-pasted the content from the web, which is a common practice these days.

Consequently, several educational institutes have adopted a marking system/policy, where plagiarism over 5-10% is subjected to marks, and ranking deduction, which increases the importance of plagiarism detectors with percentage more than ever. In addition, using a plagiarism tool to rank writers effectively is standard practice for competitions like LAL.

Fixgerald is specially created for students who are not professionals and might not know the usual technicalities and limitations plagiarism checkers employ. It compares your documents against billions of publications, using tearing plagiarism detection technologies and a large database. 

  • It is offers user-friendly interface 
  • Assists in grammar checking
  • Keeps your information secure with top-notch data protection software
  • Allows you to check unlimited content
  • Shows you live success score 
  • Allows you to edit your paper in real time to save time
  • Lets you upload and export your files

So, be more confident while creating your reflective papers and other assignments and simply paste the text, check for mistakes, and make your content 100% unique. 

Master your assignments with plagiarism detector with percentage and gain more confidence with outstanding copy submissions and surprise your instructor.